The Ultimate Training Guide To The Self-Coaching System

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Course Description

This training is based upon a book that I wrote on the topic of Self Coaching.

This information is divided into 4 parts to make it easy for you to learn. Part one is the introduction to coaching and self coaching. The second part is the theory behind self coaching and goal setting.

The third part includes the self coaching exercises that can be used for each goal you want to obtain. You can print out the exercise section if you want to write out your answers to the questions being asked. The last section is the conclusion of the training.

Self coaching is a viable solution for you to reach new goals and get improved results. In order for it to be more successful you need the right process, discipline and dedication.

First things first: Most people want to know when they should try self-coaching? Typically the main reason people search out a coach is to make a change in their life. This change can be personally or professionally related; such as a promotion, starting a difficult new project, moving, making a career change, losing weight, or trying to stop smoking .

One of the true signs that you may need coaching is if you feel anxious, unsupported or depressed about a particular aspect of your life. Reasons for seeking out coaching are as unique as the individual searching for the coaching.

Follow this ultimate success guide and you will be more successful!

Expected Outcomes

  1. How you can use Self Coaching to reach your goal.
  2. The Ultimate Questions to ask yourself to reach your goals.
  3. The Self coaching exercises you need to reach your goals.