The Vision of Your Most Influential Self

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Course Description

Create a vision of your truest calling. Ann Evanston has a Masters Degree in psychology, and will lead you through a 5-step system for creating your "Vision of Your most Influential Self" which can be used to build your long term business success AND create more than just big dreams, it is a discovery of authentic living. Through refining how THE PRESENT fits into your vision of your best self, you can create your goals, understand that will become your life. Ann will lead you through activities that will inspire your best self, and motivate the change necessary to achieve it.

Using her techniques, you will learn how to:

  • creatively find balance in your vision while achieving all you desire
  • understand energetically how you should show up to attract what you want
  • design an inspiring vision board that moves your heart and spirit
  • share your vision with others to manifest your results
  • balance your vision with who you are AND what you desire
  • uncover what gets in the way from success
  • know what passionately motivates YOU

Learn why a vision board and a dream board are two different things. (A vision broad is not necessary a requirement in this course, you CAN develop your Influential Self using a journal or note pad as well)! Developing your most Influential Self can happen ANY time of the year, and actually happens DAILY - this program will show you how!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Uncovering what gets in the Way
  2. • Retrieving, replaying, rewriting, and recreating the story (or stories) you tell yourself is critical for success. Do you KNOW what they are? If not you will learn. Then we will work though changing it.
  3. Goal Setting: The “Melinda Mae” Method
  4. Achieving Success
  5. • Learn how reclaim your vision, to stay focused and balanced as life gets in the way of creating your vision!
  6. Understand the 6 Core Influencers in YOUR Life
  7. Learn bold techniques to revolutionize and actively achieve all you desire. Ann’s planning strategy included.