Theory of Computation and Automata - Part 1

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Course Description

The course will walk you through the basics of Automata Theory, alternatively known as Theory of Computer/Computation Science. Its one of the most important subjects in the curriculum of Computer Science and Information Technology. All the modern day computers are designed on the basis of the simple automation models. We will learn some of those models in this part of the course.

The complete course is divided into 3 parts.:

Part 1: Introduction , Finite Automata and Introduction to Regular Expressions

Part 2 : Grammar and Push Down Automata

Part 3 : Turing Machines and Undecidability Problems

This course will cover the 1st part of the course. Subsequent parts will be released in the follow up courses.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Automata Theory
  2. Theory of Computation
  3. Finite Automata (FA)
  4. FA with output
  5. Regular Expressions
  6. Finite State Machines