Therapy at Work

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Course Description

Therapy at work is a crash course in therapy for aspiring and early career managers. The current landscape of management advice and research is insufficient given all the challenges employees, especially those working in rapidly changing industries face on a day to day basis. From information overload, to the ballooning costs of education, housing, and childcare, personal challenges creep into our time at work, whether we like it or not.

In this course, I will teach you how therapists guide patients towards a desired state by helping them see through cognitive distortions and limiting beliefs, helping them reframe their thoughts and develop more helpful ways of thinking. We will examine how therapists motivate their patients to change, and how we can translate these techniques from therapy to help you improve the performance of your team members. Finally, we'll discuss best practices from therapy can help you create a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn what makes a therapist effective and how that applies to their career.
  2. You will discover the foundations of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, including the ABC Technique and the Thought Review Process, and common errors in thinking
  3. You will learn how to guide team members whose productivity is affected by being overwhelmed, anxious, bored, stressed, lonely, discouraged, burned out, or from facing difficult personal circumstances and/or conflict
  4. You will gain skills to resolve interpersonal conflict on their teams and to help reshape thinking
  5. You will gain strategies to support themselves and others through difficult emotional challenges.
  6. You will be able to identify immediate actions to take with their teams to improve psychological safety, trust, and motivation