Thinking Family: Anti-Bullying and Cyberbullying Course

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Course Description

The phenomenon of bullying is not new - it has been with us forever. Each of us remembers a weaker friend in the class. A sucker that was easy to laugh at. Some of us have experienced it ourselves and know firsthand how unpleasant and terrible such an experience can be.

Recently the scale of peer violence is gaining momentum. The media reports only about the most drastic cases - suicides, school shootings. In the shadow of these reports, millions of children silently endure humiliation and suffering - and then there are parents, educators, guardians. Wanting to help, but often helpless, not understanding the causes, scale, and consequences of this phenomenon. What we need is knowledge and tools.

Our course, written by a psychologist and psychotherapist with over 12 years of experience in working with young victims of peer violence, is full of professional psychological knowledge that is presented in a way that is easy to understand even for a layman.

The course is intended for parents, guardians and teachers of school-aged children (from 8 to 18 years old) who want to recognize bullying and cyberbullying effectively, protect children from it and prepare them for dealing with emergency situations. If you want to learn it, this course is for you!

You should consider participating in this course if you are worried...

  • Whether there is harassment in your child's school
    Are you sure that your child's school is safe? Does he pay sufficient attention to how other students treat each other? Do children trust their school, teachers, and educators?

  • Whether your child would be able to cope with bullying
    Not only as a victim, but also as a witness to violence. Children who are witnesses to abuse lose their faith in justice and in their own ability to deal with evil!

  • Whether you would know how to help your child
    Would you be able to have a proper conversation? What to tell your child so he/she can feel real support? What tools to equip them with so that they can cope with violence?

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn about the risks of bullying and cyberbullying. What happens in the mind of a child who is a victim, perpetrator or witness of violence and how does it affect their future behavior?
  2. Together with the main character of our course, Adam, we will show how to recognize bullying as soon as it happens. We will also show you that it is much easier to prevent it before it leads to a real disaster.
  3. You will learn how to prevent bullying and react when it happens. We will tell you how to talk to all the parties involved and how to help them in this situation.
  4. We will advise you on how to deal with the perpetrators of violence and its victims. How to involve people who can help in this situation, i.e. parents, educators and teachers. And finally, how to protect your child and yourself in the future.