Three Keys to Happiness

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Course Description

Are you ready to leave the past behind and reconnect to your sense of wonder at life? Then I invite you to join me in this practice-based course that will teach you three incredibly potent tools to awaken your innate source of happiness in every moment.

The three powerful keys to happiness and freedom we will explore, which have changed my life and the lives of so many others are:

1) Forgive the past, others, and yourself;

2) Bring an attitude of gratitude to life;

3) Let go.

In my experience, these seemingly simple, but very profound practices born of perennial wisdom have the capability to transform life like almost nothing else, to change the heart and the substance of how we live and perceive ourselves and others.

Through simple, powerful meditative and heart-opening practices, you will learn how to let go of judgment, expectation, guilt and blame, and to live life in the present moment with more gratitude, openness, freedom, and joy.

Uncover your most joyous, authentic self and transform your life through anchoring the life-changing practices of gratitude, forgiveness and letting go in your day to day life.

Have you been feeling the desire to leave behind the past, to forgive yourself and others, to let go of all the notions of who you should be, and what life needs to be in order for you to be happy?

Are you ready to have more joy in life and more gratitude for the journey-- to re-awaken your innocent trust in life-- to live fully and presently in each moment?

Why gratitude, forgiveness and letting go?

I have found through my own life experience that these three spiritual keys can unlock the doors of the heart and spirit like nothing else.

When practiced, they have an almost magical ability to transform our perception of our lives and create a present-moment joy and sense of abundance—regardless of what life presents us with. We realize that we always have the choice to live in heaven or hell, to see Love or fear, in what is before us.

All of the wise human beings and awakened souls who have walked the earth have understood the power of practicing gratitude, and the futility of blame, judgment, resentment and guilt, as well as the illusion of control. In doing so, they have let go of much of the mental suffering that we consider inescapable in life.

Through these gifts of the soul, we can recover our eternal freedom and joy in being here. We can experience each moment of life as a supreme gift, an expression of Love we are meant to share freely and fearlessly.

A Gift to Yourself

Life is too short to waste—It is time to start truly living in each moment-- to love this life as it is, and be the loving, free, joyous beings we were meant to be. Please join us in this profound and replenishing course that aims to increase your potential for happiness in a lasting way.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Uncover your most joyous, authentic self through simple life-changing practices
  2. Learn how to let go of judgment, expectation, guilt and blame and instead live with an "attitude of gratitude"
  3. Leave the past behind and write a new story for your life; reconnect to your sense of wonder and trust
  4. Learn how to forgive the past, others and yourself
  5. Transform your life and awaken the divinely creative, powerful, loving being you were born to be
  6. Understand the source of true abundance and attract more love and abundance easily
  7. Learn how changing your perception can literally change your reality
  8. Learn the art of letting go and allowing a higher power/Source to guide and direct your life