TikTok Advertising Masterclass: How to Make Ads that Convert

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Course Description

Want to get started with TikTok ads but don't know where to start?

Need to break through the noise and cut your learning curve in half?

Require expert advice from successful advertisers to boost your success rate and save you money?

Welcome to the TikTok Advertising Masterclass: How To Make Ads that Convert.

This highly focused, no-nonsense course is perfect for beginners and advanced marketers alike: platform walk-throughs, example adverts from multiple brands, top tips for successful creatives, advanced campaign structure and management, advertising policies breakdown, plus secrets for creating ads which will make your life easier, cheaper and more effective.

About the instructor

Hi, I'm James. I'm an entrepreneur and digital growth specialist with 12+ years experience creating and managing advanced performance marketing campaigns for my own brands, my clients, and my employers. I've spent over £1 million across digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google... and most recently TikTok for which I've had great success. I've run campaigns across multiple industries including health, fashion, non-profits and financial services - so you can be certain I know what makes adverts convert. I've made this course to share my expert knowledge and experience with TikTok, including the tips I've picked up by talking directly to TikTok's team and networking with some of the best digital marketers from the US and Europe.

Why you'll love this course

With multiple learning techniques such as live on-screen walkthroughs, bite-sized powerpoint presentations with voice-over, examples of TikTok adverts, downloadable PDFs, guest-video footage, and an interactive quiz, this course has been designed to keep you engaged and learning from start-to-finish. It's purposefully condensed - there's no waffle, sidetracking or ego-stroking - this highly focused set of lessons, with a treasure-trove of tips, will become your bible for paid advertising on TikTok, which you can revisit again and again.

What sort of content is inside the lessons?

  • Don't make this common mistake just before submitting your ad for review (Lecture 3)

  • This great targeting option hasn't been seen on other popular ad platforms before (Lecture 4)

  • The trick used by advanced advertisers to speed up the learning phase (Lecture 5)

  • These creative tips will give you the best conversions on TikTok with any audience (Lecture 7)

  • How to make amazing TikTok videos without even downloading the TikTok app (Lecture 8)

  • You'll be shocked by some of these policies which could get your ads disapproved (Lecture 9)

  • Smart advertisers make TikTok's algorithm work to their advantage by doing this one thing (Lecture 10)

  • Find out if you're eligible for the free money being given out to advertisers by TikTok (Lecture 11)

Alongside the unlimited lifetime access to the course, available on both desktop and mobile, you will also get direct instructor access and any question you ask will be answered. If you get the course and it isn't what you expected then no hard feelings, you can simply request a refund with the 30 day money back guarantee.

Expected Outcomes

  1. A complete overview and understanding of the TikTok self-serve ad platform
  2. Who and what you can target on TikTok - Tips to avoid wasted ad spend
  3. How your business can take advantage of the massive TikTok opportunity
  4. How anyone can make top performing profitable TikTok ads, without dancing
  5. The best account structure, management and techniques for TikTok success
  6. How to get $2300 (or £1,300) in FREE TikTok ad credits