TikTok Growth Hack: Advanced tactics to game the algorithm

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Course Description

First of all, I know why you are here. You want to:

  1. Boost your personal profile and share your passion with the world

  2. Generate revenue for your business, or kick start your 1st business.

  3. You are ready to make a career on TikTok

Great! I can’t wait to share my TikTok knowledge with you.

You might wonder why am I here?

Before working at ByteDance(TikTok), I had TikTok and a bunch of other social media accounts, I myself also watched countless courses of this kind while trying to grow them. I can tell you that after watching these courses, you may feel that everything they say is right, but when it comes to executing the strategies yourself, you will be clueless about what to do with TikTok.

Most courses are either too basic that anyone with prior social media experience can figure it out or they are full of false content. Many courses are put together by scraping the internet for free information, piece it together what the instructors already know about other platforms. Many lack the successful experience of operating multiple TikTok accounts.

I won’t regurgitate posting 3-5 times a day, using text overlays, following trends, and catching people’s attention early in the video. You will find a ton of videos with this type of information for free on Youtube. So, why spend money to learn what’s already out there for free.

I will teach you how to grow and monetize on TikTok with a pair of future lenses because success leaves clues. Douyin left many clues for TikTok to follow.

Douyin is the original version of TikTok that has been popular since 2017 in China. Both social media apps share similar functions, algorithms, and monetization methods. The difference is that Douyin is 2 years ahead of TikTok. Imagine knowing what Instagram is like today 5 years ago, wouldn’t you have doubled down on it? The current TikTok landscape is the same as Douyin two years ago. So if you want to know the future of TikTok, you should learn about Douyin as TikTok will follow its exact path to success.

In this course, not only you will learn how to properly set up your account for success, how to select popular topics, make and publish your videos. You will also learn about the TikTok algorithms based on what the company’s algorithm architect shares at tech conferences in China which are translated, interpreted into actionable steps for you to follow easily. This will give you a competitive edge and help you grow quicker and more successful on TikTok.

Our promise:

This course is periodically updated with new information to help you stay relevant to the current algorithms and trends

If you're unsatisfied with the course in any way, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to take advantage of the TikTok platform while it’s still early?
  2. How has TikTok's chinese app DouYin been developed since 2017?
  3. How will TikTok evolve in the future?
  4. How to successfully set up a professional profile?
  5. How does the TikTok algorithm work?
  6. How does the TikTok content review process work?
  7. How to avoid 0 plays for your video?
  8. How to avoid content violation issues?
  9. How to pick a popular niche?
  10. How to get into the trending hashtags and videos?
  11. How to craft your video title and CTA?
  12. How to use Discover, Hashtag, Challenge and gain thousands of followers?
  13. How to edit your videos using built-in functions and other free apps?
  14. How to use TikTok’s Analytics to improve your account?
  15. How the shopping cart feature works and how to be eligible for it?
  16. What are the top ways to monetize on TikTok and how to pick the best one?
  17. What are TikTok coins?
  18. What are the 3 ways to monetize on TikTok?
  19. What is TikTok commerce?
  20. How to monetize your TikTok audiences the correct way?
  21. What’s the secret about FYP Viral video and its breakdown?
  22. How to let other content creators empower you?
  23. How brands and agencies can utilize TikTok to market their products or services?
  24. What are the top viral videos examples and case studies ?
  25. How to continue to use TikTok when it’s banned in your region?