Time Management is NOT about Time: Change Your Style Now!

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Course Description

Most time management and productivity books or courses present generic or one-size-fits-all methods for facilitating the process of managing time. But similar to going on a diet or starting a new exercise regimen, these methods work for only a short period of time; for the majority of people these approaches are impossible to maintain long term. In fact, you’ve probably even considered the possibility that maybe it’s you. Maybe you are the failure. Maybe you are simply destined to be terrible at managing time, prioritizing your tasks and completing your projects. Maybe you should give up now. Or maybe the problem with time management techniques is something you never even suspected.

It’s understandable that you’d feel discouraged with all that you’ve tried before. The reason that you feel like such a failure is NOT because you are inherently flawed. It’s NOT because you are permanently disorganized or a poor manager of your time. It’s NOT because there is anything wrong with you at all. The reason that you haven’t been successful thus far is simply because time management is NOT a one-size-fits-all situation. What is drastically successful for one person is not necessarily a maintainable process for another person. Yet most self-help books and courses treat time management as though it is.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Identify the profile that matches your particular time management personality
  2. Learn how to use your natural strengths to get more done with less effort
  3. Learn how to overcome obstacles in areas where you’re prone to struggle
  4. Manage your time in a way that feels natural to you and makes productivity feel easy
  5. Identify what kinds of situations you thrive in and how to leverage this in your daily life
  6. Melt away stress as you become more efficient