Top Excel tricks in 40 minutes - Boost your productivity!

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Course Description

2017 is the year for improving your productivity and finally learn some basics of Microsoft Excel, along with some tricks used by pros! This brief, but useful course will show you tips and tricks for you to start taking advantage of Excel's powerful features. While I take you through, you are welcome to use the Excel materials provided.

This course has been designed for people with basic Excel knowledge, so just relax and let me take you through. From learning some of the most used shortcuts and formulas, to beautifying your files with charts; and from organising large data files by using filters, to boosting productivity and organising your data with pivot tables, the vlookup formula and conditional formatting.

If you know that you need Excel, either because of personal or professional circumstances, this course will help you and encourage you to start using this powerful tool. You'll see how useful it is.

Thank you and welcome to this course. It is for you!


Expected Outcomes

  1. Apply the most commonly used shortcuts in Excel
  2. Apply the most frequently used formulas
  3. Analyse data efficiently by applying filters
  4. Quickly find data by using the Vlookup formula
  5. Use charts in order to visualize data promptly
  6. Apply Excel's powerful pivot tables in order to analyse data like a pro!
  7. Make easy and effective comparisons between your data
  8. Analyse large amounts of data efficiently
  9. Add a professional look to your data files
  10. Organize and present your data according to business standards