Top Tips for DAX users - Power BI and Excels Power Pivot

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Course Description

Are you looking to improve your efficiency, your modeling skills, and your general DAX usage skills for Power BI or Power Pivot? IF so then this course is for you.

This course is a general tips course for those working with DAX in Power BI or Power Pivot. You will learn tips and tricks that will both save you time and make you more efficient. DAX is becoming a more sought after skill and this course has been designed to help you become on top of the game.

You will be given tips on the following topic and more

- Data Modelling

- Working with Date tables

- Keyboard shortcuts

- Model optimization

- Data transformation steps

- Using Power Query

- Much much more

This is a hands-on course, so you will find workbooks to download so that you can practice along

So if you are a DAX user and are looking to improve your general skills and efficiency then when don't you hope into the course and find out more.

Expected Outcomes