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Trance Psychic Mediumship Masterclass

Level 2 Masterclass is an innovative, intimate and compelling enhancement of Trance Psychic Mediumship and spirituality

This course is certified by the teachers and a personal certificate is issued on request at the end of the course

This course is designed for those who want to challenge themselves within their trance mediumship. We have put together informal talks on the subject matter, which are then linked to exercises and demonstrations, to help the student progress in and develop their trance psychic mediumship to the next level. Students coming onto this course must have an understanding of trance mediumship and have carried out either

  • Level 1 The Definitive Guide to Trance Mediumship

  • The Simple Guide to Trance Healing courses

  • Level 3 Advanced Trance Mediumship

Expected Outcomes

  1. The Mechanics of Trance Mediumship, including Philosophy, Teaching and Communication
  2. How to connect with spirit
  3. Trance foundations
  4. How to communicate with spirit
  5. Demonstrations of this forms of mediumship