Transform Anger it into Power And Happiness

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This is a simple technique to learn, but as it is a deeply self-transformative course as it will challenge the mind and discomfort will be experienced. So better for people who have...

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    Learn the secrets of transforming anger into happiness!

    Have you ever had the experience of being angry at someone or a situation?
    Yes..anger is indeed a horrible feeling!

    Our heart knows that we do not want to experience anger.
    But how do we release it, and transform it into happiness?

In this course, you will learn a technique called The Creator's Absorption.
This is not a technique that "manages anger" or "forces forgiveness."

But rather, it is a technique that will take you deep into your mind so that you can discover the cause of your anger. You will learn the ways of transforming the anger naturally so that you do not have to experience it again!

=====Some Reviews=====

"I believe in the duality of things and Jonny John Liu explains this duality in a peaceful, loving and truthful way. Sometimes it was challenging for me to listen to his wisdom because my mind is stubborn, but I knew in my heart he was right, so I forged ahead and I am glad I did! I am looking forward to more of his teachings." - Mike


Challenging Is Good
So this course will take you on a journey of self-discovery, a journey of self-transformation.
Your beliefs will be challenged, and turned upside down.
So discomfort will be an inevitable part of the course.

But discomfort is a good thing.
Realize that it is natural to experience discomfort when we try to transform our mind at the deepest level.
Because if there is no discomfort, it means that our mind / beliefs are not being challenged.
And if our mind is not challenged, there will be no change!

So take this course with an open mind, try the technique with an open heart.
So that you can transform your mind and change your life so that you can experience greater happiness!

This course follows the tradition of Vipassana - which means to see reality as is. So all challenging sensations and emotions experienced in this course is natural, a part of the self-transformation process. If no challenging sensations is felt, then the technique is not working.

See you soon!

-Jonny John

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Expected Outcomes

  1. How to discover the inner cause of one's anger
  2. How to transform Anger into Happiness naturally
  3. How to naturally forgive others