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How would you like to increase your typing speed by 1,000% ?  This course can easily do that for you!  Not only will it increase your speed, it will increase your accuracy / reliability!  You will be able to type a couple of letters & have it replaced with whole words / paragraphs.

In our daily life it is AMAZING how frequently we re-type the same words over and over.  It might be your name, the name of your company, instructions on performing a recurring task, a greeting, a salutation, etc.  The list is truly endless. 

Text Expansion (HotStrings) are the simplest and fastest way to start automating your computer!  Instead of trying to learn how to type 200 wpm, learn how to type 3 characters that will instantly get replaced by the entire sentences you wanted and it will be typed perfectly EVERY TIME!  The best part is that AutoHotkey is free!

While the basics of HotStrings are very easy to learn, we also take a deep-dive into various scenarios where they can be more complicated & discuss trouble-shooting “tricky” issues. 

Learn to work smarter, not harder by stopping to learn how to type and learn to work smarter!

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn

  • Installing AutoHotkey and a great editor

  • Creating your first HotString

  • How to send large amounts of text (paragraphs, entire documents, etc.)

  • Creating context-sensitive HotStrings (Program specific)

  • Working with multiple computers

  • Using AutoHotkey HotStrings in games

  • Troubleshooting – What to do when things go wrong

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to drastically speed up your typing and improve your accuracy
  2. How to type short abbreviations that will expand in any windows program
  3. How to quickly fill out forms / emails / etc. that require the same text
  4. How to Autocomplete words in any Windows program
  5. How to Trigger programs and/or Events by typing a few keys
  6. How to apply HotStrings to Courtroom typing
  7. How to have templates of pre-defined text snippets at your fingertips
  8. That text expansion is your friend
  9. Why hotstrings are the simplest way for you to begin working smarter, not harder
  10. How AutoHotkey can save you time after just a few minutes of learning
  11. How you can create a list of medical terms and have them at your fingertips