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SHORTEN YOUR JOB SEARCH by using tools and strategies to stand out from other candidates.

EARN A BETTER JOB by learning how to present your qualifications to the hiring manager.

HANDLE ANY INTERVIEW SETTING and challenging situations, and learn what to say at all interview stages.

GAIN CONFIDENCE IN YOUR INTERVIEWING SKILLS and in your ability to talk about your accomplishments.

LEARN HOW TO NEGOTIATE for a higher base salary and more benefits, to be paid what you deserve.

Learn at Your Own Pace: 6 modules, 29 core lessons, plus 20+ handouts and worksheets. Answers and advice to 60+ common and not-so-common questions. 4+ hours of video lessons!

Interview Successfully: Be prepared before, during, and after an interview. Confidently talk about your skills, your expertise, and your fit as a candidate. Get more job offers!

Confidently Sell Yourself: Get instant access to the course with video lessons and just enough key details and examples. Have a fulfilling professional future as a result of interviewing well.

Here’s a complete outline of the modules and lessons:

Module 1: Welcome / Prepare Yourself

  1. Introduction / Check Your Progress

  2. Phone & Wardrobe

  3. Calm Under Pressure

  4. What to Bring & Dry Run

Module 2: Research

  1. Company & Industry Research

  2. Job Posting Breakdown

  3. Informational Interview

Module 3: Sell Yourself

  1. Elevator Pitch

  2. First Impression

  3. Answer Questions

  4. Behavioral Interviewing

  5. Story Creation

Module 4: Start Interviewing

  1. Telephone Interviews

  2. Virtual Interviews

  3. Screening & Interview Types

  4. Concerns

  5. Ask Questions

  6. Question Library Intro

Module 5: Question Library

  1. Core Questions

  2. Skill & Experience Questions

  3. Job & Industry Questions

  4. Tough Questions

  5. Trick Questions

  6. Other Questions

  7. Illegal Questions

Module 6: Finish Strong

  1. A Closing and a Thank You

  2. Follow Up & Learn

  3. Money Conversations

  4. Salary Negotiation

Invest in this comprehensive tool that will help you confidently walk into your next job interview!

Expected Outcomes

  1. A complete online job interview course: prepare fully for every aspect of the interview process!
  2. Gain confidence in your interviewing skills and ability to communicate your value to employers.
  3. Comprehensive job interview preparation allows you to take control of your next interview and get the offer.
  4. Know exactly what to say and how to behave before, during, and after an interview.
  5. Feel at ease when talking about your accomplishments and compensation.
  6. Feel comfortable in any interviewing scenario and learn how to handle challenging situations.