Understanding Happiness: Inner Nature of Happiness

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*My favorite lecture is 'Comfortable Avoidance' in section 2

Getting in touch with innocence again.

Let's reconnect with our childlike nature, the happiness we knew so instinctively as children who grew distant as the world imposed it's limits on our limitless being.

We forget what it was like to to be so weightless and free. Unburdened by the weight of it all.

We continue the rest of our lives chasing the things we think will bring us back to that warmth and safety we once knew as children.


What happened along the way?

How do we reconnect with the one thing that makes life worth living again?

Was that the need that drove you here?

Does a part of you feel like there's something missing in your life, and maybe not just your life, but also everywhere else you look?

The world can be a much better place, a much happier place.

In a world where everything is made to be easy and convenient, where everything is so readily available, and everything is so connected.

We're not as happy as we could be.

Yet we manage to wake up in the morning, get out of bed, wash our faces and go about our day.

Every day.

Growing old as the time passes without anything really changing the way we want it to.

Without the world being what we've always hoped it could be.

A world full of love, wonder and play.

A world where every one of us is connected with the child like self that's there, asleep, inside each and every one of us.

A world where we're at peace.

But how are we supposed to see such a drastic change like that in the world?

We create that change within ourselves first.

Look, this world is confusing.

I mean, we're on some rock floating through space, whatever space is.

No one really knows why we're here, no one really knows what's going on. No one knows anything really. And we’re all just trying to do our best.

What we do know is that we're here, right now, together, all of us. We have each other.

And each and every one of us was once a beautiful child.

A child full of love, wonder and play. A child excited to explore, excited to understand.

But as we grow, our surroundings begin to influence our childlike nature, the patterns we observe from our parents, the irrational rules we begin to adopt, and the fear we begin to cultivate that distances us from our inner nature. That holds us back from exploring it again.

In reality, the world we crave to see is the world we once saw as children, now so distant.

A world full of potential and hope. A world where anything was possible and the only limits to our reality were the limits we imposed on ourselves.

Let's explore these limits, the limits we carry inside of us and the limits imposed on us by everything around us. Physically and mentally.

Let's evaluate how they begin to arise, and how they have a hand in shaping us and the societies we're born into.

Let's understand our narrative, let's understand what makes us happy.

Let's understand the mechanisms that go behind our happiness.

Let's understand what makes each and every one of us tick, and reconnect with that childlike nature inside all of us, and then share that childlike curiosity with those around us. And then let's continue to infect others with our happiness. (hehe)

Let's share our happiness and love with the world.

A new world, a world that really isn’t so far from reach.

Let’s reach out to it, and clear the fog in between.

Let's understand Happiness.

Let’s finally see the world through clearer eyes.

The eyes of the children we once were.

Who this course is for:

  • The world and everyone in it.

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5 sections • 51 lectures • 6h 52m total length