Unlock Secrets to Reduce Overwhelm and Manage Your Time

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Course Description

This is a MUST!

Taking one of Victoria’s courses is a MUST! She excels at creating an atmosphere that encourages real work and fun, while learning about yourself. I've learned something I can use on a daily basis and I LOVE IT! - Laura Bennet

  • Are you longing for a life with less overwhelm, less anxiety and general unproductiveness? Are you ready to embrace more JOY?

  • Perhaps you are spending your days at home right now and you aren’t sure where all of the hours of the day have gone? Wondering how you can get control of general unproductiveness? At the end of the day you are left feeling unsatisfied?

  • Do you know, deep down inside, that it’s time to start prioritizing health and happiness, but don’t know how?

  • If you feel this way, I’ve got some awesome secrets I want to share with you!

This Course is designed to shift your mindset around time, stress and your relationship with yourself. It will provide you with simple and realistic strategies that will guide you to take back control of your time and reduce stress .

In each short video lesson and be given a tool, strategy or action that is created to actualize positive and impactful change in your life while boosting your confidence and resilience.

Most importantly this course has an element of FUN! Because, I believe that, if it's not fun, you won't show up for yourself. I'm so excited to spend some time with you so you can learn to find more joy and create some amazing new habits in your life. It’s your time to decrease stress, find time and live fully.

I know it can feel overwhelming to start looking after yourself and you may be thinking what's the point, I’ll never get there? I also know that you're probably thinking ‘I don’t have the time’. I’m here to tell you that you do and you can. You actually have 62 extra hours the week and I’m going to tell you how inside the course.

If you have made it this far down the page you are probably considering registering for this program. I know we don’t know each other yet but I can tell you this, even if you only use one of many strategies learned in the course, you will be shifting the programmed patterns of your life and ultimately creating change that will reduce your overwhelm so you can find space for joy.

So get yourself enrolled now and get ready take back control of your time and to elevate and evolve your human experience.

See you in the course!


P.S. Here is what some more of my past clients and participants have to say about my approach.

Changed my life.

Victoria's programs changed my life. I am living a fuller life and I feel like I'm embodying my true self. I can't say enough good things about her knowledge, process and positive energy. - Katherine Hensel

Thoughtful and Inspiring.

Victoria is one of the most talented programmers I know. She designs and delivers many thoughtful and inspiring programs, both for individuals and groups. She inspires people of all ages and stages, her passion and vision for helping people find a love for connection to the self and to the world is strong and clear. - Jane Hayes

I am confident.

With so much wellness information out there today it is hard to figure out what is real or fake and to just make sense of it all. Victoria's sessions help simplify everything so that I can make better life choices I am confident about. - Allison Young

Expected Outcomes

  1. Strategies to increase your capacity, reduce overwhelm and reclaim focus in these challenging times
  2. Understand your current relationship with time management
  3. Understand the difference between being busy and being productively present
  4. Take control of your mindset and energy so you can increase your capacity
  5. Easily stop feeling like you don't have enough time and joyfully prioritize what is important for your health and happiness
  6. Avoid burnout by changing the way you work
  7. How to reframe the patterns and habits hardwired into your subconscious mind
  8. Understand the power of habit and how to reprogram unhealthy habits to healthy ones
  9. The science of happiness
  10. Time management strategies that can increase your happiness hormones
  11. Develop a healthy relationship with time and build personal resilience