Unlocking the Power Of Permission: Self-improvement

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Course Description

Grow Confidence, Unlock Potential & Build Momentum towards Your Dreams & Goals through Understanding and Harnessing the Power of Permission.

Permission is a powerful dynamic in our lives...

Learn about how that dynamic works and affects us, how we can go about reclaiming that power we often leave to the side, and how we can empower ourselves and build ourselves up from the inside out.

Through workshop style teaching, and free downloadable graphics and worksheets, we'll look at:

  • Choosing and welcoming ourselves
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Practical steps to combat the fear of success or failure
  • Identifying permission programs running in the hard drive of our minds and how to free ourselves from them
  • Creating manageable and positive goals
  • Building direction and momentum away from procrastination and self-doubt and towards fulfillment

Why is the dynamic of permission important?

It is important as it can be the very thing that spurs us forward or holds us back.

Ever wondered why you dream and long to do something but never do it? Why you left behind something that stirs your heart and excites you? Why it can be so difficult to be yourself? Why procrastination is a problem? The answer is probably to do with permission: interpersonal permissions or self-permission.

It's time to get the tools to better equip yourself for clarity, transformation, and positive progress. Kick procrastination and fear to the curb and use the intrinsic power of permission to your benefit.

Most importantly, it's time to empower yourself.

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to see personal progress in the areas of their dreams, desires, and lifestyle direction. By becoming more self aware you will be able to reprogram your mindset to experience both results and freedom.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How the dynamic of permission works
  2. How to unlock the power of permission in your life
  3. How to fail and succeed well
  4. How to be free of fears and blocks using practical, actionable strategies
  5. How to be free from external pressures, transform your mindset, and choose yourself
  6. How to gain clarity and be comfortable being you
  7. How to empower others
  8. How to create and track manageable goals to see the progress you desire