Unraveling the mysteries of Ramayana .

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Course Description

This course is based on my 4 year research and travel to Ramayana sites. Intent is to find-where is actual Lanka? Why isn't it the present day Sri-Lanka? I have also included details of scientific dating and timelines of Ramayana (Based on Saint Valmiki's description.)The course also covers a brief summary of Ramayana and its characters.

I am sure the participation will help students to get immense knowledge and better insight of the Ramayana epic.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Better marks
  2. More knowledge
  3. Understand Hinduism and its Origin
  4. will satisfy their Curiosity
  5. Love,peace and happiness in life
  6. Impress friends and family member
  7. Know the actual timelines of Ramayana
  8. Actual Location of Ravana's Lanka and remove prejudice that Lanka is same as present day Srilanka