Unreal Engine: Character UI

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Course Description

In this game development course, you'll learn how to use Unreal Engine's Widget Blueprints to create a Character based UI (User Interface). This type of interface can be found in all genres of games! Games such as The Witcher, God of War, Final Fantasy, and Madden Football ALL have character UIs present in them. Knowing how to use widget blueprints is a critical skill for those aspiring to be a UX (User Experience) or UI (User Interface) designer on an Unreal Engine project!

This course contains 80 fun-to-follow video lessons. You'll learn how to:

  • Download, install, and setup a project using the Unreal Engine

  • Add-on (free!) Marketplace content (several Paragon character asset packs)

  • Import outside assets

  • Create a character based User Interface layout

  • Work with and understand many of the different "Widget" types available in widget blueprints including:

    • Buttons

    • Images

    • Text Boxes

    • Horizontal & Vertical Boxes

    • Spinner Boxes

    • Sliders

    • Uniform Grid Panels

  • Create Data Tables

  • Extract data from a Data Table and Bind Data to Widget Variables in our User Interface

  • Create Variables, Write Functions, and Create Scripts to make an interactive and editable User Interface

  • Animate Widgets (such as buttons)

  • Have UI alterations affect our in-game character (such as character speed)

  • Create a Save / Load System

  • And more!

With the knowledge gained in these video lessons, you will have the necessary skills to start creating your OWN character user interface!

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to download, install, and setup a project in Unreal Engine 4
  2. How to create menus using Unreal Engine widget blueprints
  3. How to create variables, functions, and write blueprint scripts
  4. How to layout a character menu screen
  5. How to make a character menu screen interactive
  6. How to bind data from a data table (spreadsheet) to elements in our character menu screen
  7. How to create a game save, load a game save, and overwrite a game save
  8. How to make character data editable and save updated data
  9. How to toggle playable characters