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Course Description

My name is Christine Williams. I can make your financial life pivot from depressing, to dazzling, in a very short time!

I have a Masters Degree with Honors in Social Work, an American Law degree (Juris Doctor), and a Personal Financial Planner course completion from the Canadian Securities Institute. In my journey, I've worked in law, banking, and financial planning in two countries, and I have 12 years experience teaching English, law and finance to students all over the world.


Follow the instructions and complete the detailed assignments, and you will complete this course with:

  • a custom-tailored financial freedom plan

  • increased income from a working side business

  • step by step "on-my-way-to-debt-free" strategy

  • a written strategy to reduce expenses by at least $100 a month

  • an investment portfolio strategy

  • a college payment plan for you or your children

You’ll learn how to save money on a mortgage, and you’ll use an industry-approved system to track your progress month after month and year after year.

I designed this course for people who are tired of struggling with doubt, debt, and chaos around their financial life.

If that's you, and If you're ready to see some huge changes in your financial life, in a relatively short time, then join us. You'll be glad you did :)

Expected Outcomes

  1. Master "Seven Strategies for Success" to get back on the road to financial success
  2. Review and upgrade your Career for higher revenue and greater reward
  3. Build your custom-tailored Investment Wealth Portfolio
  4. Launch your own business, with dozens of ideas for getting started from your kitchen table
  5. Activate enhanced success strategies in case of unemployment
  6. Launch your custom-tailored "On My Way to Debt-Free" Strategy
  7. Enjoy better financial health within 21 Days
  8. Schedule an annual Financial Goals Check-up to document your success
  9. Skyrocket your Satisfaction in your financial life
  10. Institute a funding plan for college -- regardless of how long or short your timeline is
  11. Draft your own financial "report card", with concrete strategies to enhance your performance
  12. Access lots of sources for great FREE stuff for you and your family
  13. Establish the basics of an estate plan
  14. Get access to dozens of carefully vetted sources for financial advice
  15. Download, post, and even monetize a "Bonus" motivational video on your own website
  16. Download your complimentary "Design Your Dream Financial Plan" e-book