U.S. College Admission: A How-To Guide for Non-U.S. Citizens

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Course Description

If you’re a non-U.S. citizen who’s always dreamed of completing a university degree in the United States, this course is for you. It includes EVERYTHING you need to know to about how the U.S. college admission system works and how to successfully apply and be admitted. Whether you are interested in an undergraduate or graduate degree, this course has you covered. Its lessons are easy to follow and include loads of pro tips and supplemental resources.

In 2015-16, international student enrollments at U.S. colleges and universities topped 1 million for the first time, and the number is rising. That’s because schools across the country LOVE international students and are seeking to enroll more of them. As a result, it’s getting easier to be admitted and earn financial assistance than ever before, if you know what you’re doing.

Our lessons will guide you all the way and are organized into the following sections:

  • the features and functions of the U.S. higher education system;
  • different types of colleges and universities;
  • researching schools and deciding where to apply;
  • preparing to apply (the most important step in admission success);
  • how to apply at different types of schools; and
  • what to do, after being admitted, to prepare for the start of school.

Watch the lessons in order or skip around. Everything you need to know about getting into the college or university of your dreams is here. And because this course was created by a team of former university international student admissions experts, you can count on the lessons being accurate and comprehensive.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for this course today and take the first step in toward your dream of studying in the United States. There is no other course, on Udemy or elsewhere, that compares. Your journey starts here!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn about different types of schools and degree options.
  2. Learn how to save thousands of dollars as you complete a degree.
  3. Learn how to research and pick the best schools to apply to.
  4. Learn about school and program quality and rankings.
  5. Learn how to improve your odds of admission success.
  6. Learn what to do after being admitted but before arriving in the United States.