Use Canva like a pro : From basics to advance

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Course Description

Hi, my name is Divyy, and I am a self taught designer. I will be your instructor throughout the course and help you understand how to use Canva from basics to advance.

This course is for people new to graphic designing, and want to learn canva in detail. It is for people who want to self learn graphic designing, like me! You can download the project file from the resources of all the videos.

Some course reviews are :

"Excellent course! It exceeded my expectations by offering a clear, practical and quick overview of the tool. The explanations were very good, it provides very useful tips and the content is very well organized. I highly recommend it!" - Zoar

"Wow! This training material is complete and more than enough to learn and be a great Canva artist! Good job!" - Jorden

We will start by learning basic tools available on canva and how can they be useful throughout the course. Slowly but effectively we will move our way up by learning advanced tools in canva and incorporate in our designs.

After completing this course, I promise that you will be able to create better and professional designs within minutes. We will learn various tips and tricks including how to design fast, what all things need to be in your design and what you can exclude from the same.

In this course we will cover how to make travel poster, event poster, a fancy instagram story, a picture collage, professional presentations, and a birthday video. In addition to this, we will also see where can we get high quality images, and inspirational ideas for designs and gradient colouring.

We will understand various features on canva including how to add fonts and elements, using gradients on our designs, choosing the best background images and perfect font sizes, creating customised dimensions for our templates, using grids, converting our designs into various file type, using animationos for our videos, adding audio music to designs, and tips to keep in mind while designing.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Travel poster
  2. Event poster
  3. Instagram story : Food
  4. Picture collage
  5. Designing a pofessional presentations
  6. Tips to keep in mind before designing a professionsal presentation
  7. Birthday video
  8. Tips and tricks for better designing skills
  9. Animations for videos
  10. Customising design sizes