Using BIzTalk with SQL Databases

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Course Description

For developers with understanding of BizTalk basics. Learn how to read and write data to and from Microsoft SQL Server databases. Learn how to generated schemas, call stored procedures, and use "UpdateGrams". Learn how BizTalk SQL Polling works, and how to tune the polling parameters for you business needs. Learn the WCF-SQL Adapter available since at least BizTalk 2010, and learn the older BizTalk SQL Adapter that can be found in older releases (but was removed in BizTalk 2020).

Expected Outcomes

  1. BizTalk SQL Polling - Trigger BizTalk to run when data is added or flagged in SQL
  2. Calling BizTalk Stored Procs
  3. BizTalk old SQL Adapter (BizTalk 2016 and before, not available in BizTalk 2020)
  4. BizTalk - WCF-SQL Adapter
  5. Using User-Defined-Tables (UDTS) with BizTalk
  6. Request-Response (Two-Way) Send Ports
  7. BizTalk Orchestration and Maps related to SQL
  8. Polling Options (PollWhileDataFound, AmbientTransaction, PollingInterval)
  9. Multipart Message-Types (Used by Old SQL Adapter)
  10. Passing Complex One-to-Many Data Structures to a Stored Proc using UserDefinedTypes