Magic Masterclass: Learn the Secrets and Tips to Make Money

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Course Description

This course will teach you how to go from knowing how to do some magic effects/tricks to making money with it! If you are looking to make money with magic (or potentially work full time with it) look no further! I have worked for 11 years at over 10 restaurants and booked many private parties as well as corporate events. It is time to share my knowledge and secrets. Work consistent making $25-75 per hour! Make up to $350 per/hr for private and corporate events. If you have not done so, you should enroll in my first Udemy course (completely free) and learn foundational magic tricks before moving ahead! This is recommended and not required. The free course is called: Learn free magic tricks! No experience needed! Amazing magic

Expected Outcomes

  1. 10 things I wish I learned before starting to perform magic
  2. Learn the secrets to becoming successful when approaching tables as a paid magician.
  3. Learn secrets to engaging an audience
  4. Learn the best strategies to approach venues and make money with magic.
  5. How to create moments that people will remember