Value-Based Healthcare: Free Preview Edition

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Course Description

Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) is fast becoming a dominant business model, bringing more value to healthcare services and goods, while creating a tighter link between compensation and results. Whether you are a healthcare provider, healthcare administrator, businessperson in the world of healthcare, or just someone who wants to understand how the world of healthcare is changing, finding an appropriate starting point can be challenging.

The team at Value Intelligence™ has developed an introductory course to value-based healthcare to give you what you need to get comfortable with VBHC. We have provided this Special Preview Edition, free of charge, to those who want to get a jumpstart on their learning. In this fast-paced 30-minute course, you will be introduced to the basics:

  • Value, quality, and cost measures

  • Value-based care delivery and payment models

  • Value-based insurance design (summary only)

  • Value-based pricing (summary only)

If you value your career in healthcare (see what we did there?), you will want to invest 30 minutes to get started with VBHC!

Bonus: COVID-19 Insights. The COVID-19 healthcare crisis is transforming value-based healthcare in myriad ways. As a special bonus, we share some of the latest thinking on how this global pandemic is impacting VBHC, including addressing key areas that are likely to receive significant new attention going forward: data, telehealth, prospective payment, chronic disease management, and universal coverage.

Expected Outcomes