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Yes, of course I’d say that…. but this time it’s true!

How many times have you…

  • Had to clean up your financial model to share with clients?

  • Had to reconfigure Excel display settings because they got messed up?

  • Lost sleep because you didn’t keep your financial model’s log up to date?

  • Had to repeatedly go through the financial model to manually remove sensitive information?

  • Wasted time keeping track of all the defined names in your model?

  • Had to lose time manually saving files for every case and scenario you calculate?

How would you feel… if all you had to do… was press a magic button and BOOM! 
You finish in less than 1 second???

And what would it be worth to YOU, to know how to build your own Excel automation routines to take over the repetitive grunt work you always knew was a job for machines to do???

Learning VBA can give you ALL OF THIS!

This course teaches VBA to automate Excel by guiding you through SEVEN automation tools built for financial modelers!

You won’t be left scratching your head wondering what all the VBA’s for because you will be using it straight away to discover how to save yourself time at work!

I simply can’t imagine a world without VBA now… I mean how would you feel if they took away your keyboard??? … the INTERNET?????!!!

Once you know the secrets of VBA, you will never look back and frankly, the way you use Excel will never be the same again…

New doors will open – and you will be flying through them!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Excel VBA
  2. Excel Automation
  3. VBA editor use
  4. Modeling workflow improvements