Vendor Selection in 8 Steps

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Course Description

Vendor selection for a project can be a very daunting process. This is especially true when coordinating this process for key stakeholders that may have a full understanding of what they want, but are limited with understanding the capabilities of the massive pool of vendors.

Outside of that struggle, there are other negative impacts that can occur when the wrong vendor is identified. Things like poor quality, horrible interactions and lack of follow-through are just a few things that can occur with the wrong vendor.

This course, Vendor Selection in 8 Steps, was developed to help those tasked with selecting a vendor for a project and will provide some type of structure and process to be successful in identifying a vendor.

This 30-minute course has 8 short, but thorough lessons, and comes packaged with all the templates and tools you need to get started.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Create and implement a simple vendor selection process
  2. Apply successful vendor interviewing techniques
  3. Collect and document project requirements