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This Course will teach you Fundamentals of VHDL which every VLSI Job aspirant must know before appearing for the Recruitment process or anyone interested in FPGA’s. The course will explore various VHDL constructs through real system examples along with assignments, quizzes to enhance learning. Each module consists of some discussion on common interview questions to create a framework for Interview preparation. The entire course is taught using the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite to give practical exposure with Industry’s most popular Toolsets.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Fundamentals of VHDL Programming that will help to ace RTL Engineer Job Interviews.
  2. Understand Vivado Design Suite flow for Digital System Design.
  3. How to write an RTL for Synthesis
  4. Different Modelling Styles in Hardware Description Language , Concurrent and Sequential Statements in VHDL
  5. How to use Xilinx IP’s and create Custom IP’s.
  6. IP integrator Design flow of the Vivado.
  7. Writing VHDL Test benches.
  8. Hardware Debugging in Vivado viz. Integrated Logic Analyzer, Virtual I/O.
  9. From Zero to Hero in VHDL