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My name is Jonny Finch and I’m the Head Trainer for Sparkol, the creators of VideoScribe. I’ve been creating videos and teaching courses on how to get the most out of VideoScribe for over 6 years.

In this course I’ve captured our most useful advanced techniques to help you master whiteboard animation and create even more engaging professional-looking animated videos using VideoScribe.

This course is aimed at experienced users who already know the basics and have created a number of videos using VideoScribe. You’ll learn how to use a comprehensive set of creative tools and methods such as advanced planning, themes, camera transitions and animation effects.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you complete our ‘VideoScribe Fundamentals Training: Creating Animated Videos’ course before starting this one.

Throughout this course, we’ll be working with a number of example scribes to understand exactly how we can set up and master these advanced techniques. Enroll now to get started!

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to plan your project and define the message for your video
  2. How to prepare your script and draft your storyboard
  3. How to define a visual theme for your scribe
  4. How to use various backgrounds, hands, fonts and animations as part of your theme
  5. How to control standard camera transitions, including pans and zooms
  6. How to create interesting and creative scene transitions, including pre-drawn scenes
  7. How to create fade transitions and instant scene cuts, including secret camera jumps
  8. How to add in extra camera movements
  9. How to create interesting effects using the ‘move in’ animation method
  10. How to use advanced layering techniques
  11. How to create animations using advanced morphing, including moving and transforming images
  12. How to create stop motion animation sequences