Visualization Mastery 201: Turn Thoughts to Things Today

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Course Description

Have you been using vision boards, goal setting, and lots of mental effort to create more of what you want in life, with little to no results?

Let me guess, you've got images on your phone you look at several times a day, mind movies on your desk top, and think about your dreams and aspirations constantly. You even feel guilty when you don't because you once heard an expert that if you don't hold your visions in your mind, nothing will happen.

So, what gives? Why can't you make your dreams turn into realities, faster?

Turning thoughts to things, specifically your visions into experiences, isn't about intellect fortitude. It's not about how creative you are in your thoughts or how disciplined in your mental habits.

Visualization is an intellectual faculty, yes, but one that begins on a much more basic, simpler level. Visualization has been massively misunderstood for centuries. It's time to change that, clearing up misunderstandings, rumors, and myths.

In VM 201, you're learning how to use the innate tool of visualization, also known as imagination, to assist you in creating more of the good stuff in life. Using the 3 most effective learning tools of audio, video, and text, you'll discover what visualization truly is, how it works, and why visualization success is not about thinking harder or dreaming bigger. You'll learn why it's difficult to mentally envision the unforeseeable future, why attempting this slows your results, and what you can do to soften your angst.

VM 201 is for advanced, self-motivated students who thrive on taking their learning—what to do and when to do it, into their own hands. Because of the unique design of this class, the transformational activities are strategically interwoven directly into the text. This is not a step-by-step, or a do this and then that and you'll get XYZ result, class. It caters to the creative student who's an independent decision maker. Students are required to choose the right activities for them, independently integrate the ideas in real life, and SEEK GUIDANCE when they have questions or concerns about anything.

If after reading this description, watching the free preview videos, and doing your research (google is a fantastic tool), you're excited to enroll, I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE YOU IN CLASS! For those who still have reservations after doing what I just suggested, keep in mind there's a 30 days money back guarantee. I encourage you to go through as much of the material as you can before that offer expires. It's not that I don't want you to stay in class, but this might not be the correct course level for you. I'm willing to help you learn the material and integrate it as best as I can, but truly ... only inspired students who are ready to do this mind-blowing, reality shifting work should enroll!

PLEASE NOTE: As of December 1, 2016, this course is under renovation ... meaning I'll keep correcting errors in the PDF's as I find them.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand what visualization is (which is NOT vision boards and MAKING stuff happen using your imagination) and how to most effectively use this powerful tool to improve your personal and professional results.
  2. Increase your concentration, focus, motivation, and inspiration on turning thoughts to things using visualization.
  3. Develop powerful habits of thinking and feeling using a new, contemporary understanding of visualization which increases the individual's realization of new, improved results.
  4. Take the vision, if you have one, of what you want to happen in life out of your head and into something you can taste, touch, see, hear and smell.