Walking With The Archangels

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Course Description

Archangels enhance the quality of your life. Throughout this course you will learn how to establish a personal relationship with each one and in doing so create a better way of being in the world. Just by doing the lectures, written exercises and meditations you will naturally increase your vibration making spiritual messages more clear and accessible. You will know what your spiritual gifts are and how to trust them. There are twelve lessons to this course and I advise taking them weekly so that you can spend time with each of the Archangels in order to gain that deep connection and understanding. However you may do it more quickly if you decide. Let your intuition guide you. The Archangels are non denominational and are equal opportunity helpers. This is a very personal journey. It doesn't matter where you come from or where you're going,the archangels can help you do it better and with more joy. Every person, from every walk of life, and from every spiritual belief, can benefit from their help and guidance in life. The archangels have the ultimate big picture and will put you on your path smoothly and with confidence.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Communicate with the Archangels.
  2. Discover the special gifts and talents of each of the fifteen Archangels.
  3. Learn to tap into your intuition using one or all of the four "clairs."
  4. Trust the intuitive and angelic messages you receive.
  5. Clear personal and physical space with Archangel Michael.
  6. Take the next step in Archangel communications.
  7. Understand your own gifts and talents.