Watercolours With Confidence!

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Course Description

Hello! I am Wendy Framst. Welcome to Watercolours with Confidence.

If you have always thought watercolours were unpredictable and difficult to control then this is the course for you. I take out the mystery and show you very simply how watercolours behave with water on the paper.

I demonstrate through simple exercises how watercolours can be a fun, wholesome and satisfying way of painting.

At your own pace, you will gain confidence by developing an understanding of the medium through very simple to gradually complex projects and activities. Lessons are augmented by your choice of public or private feedback on the assignments you submit.

In this watercolour course packed with over 10 hours of insights, tips and tricks, and valuable content you will be introduced in a step by step methodical way to watercolour materials, colour theory, techniques and methods used in painting with watercolours. This course is perfect to help you explore the medium at your own pace!

You will gain confidence through learning how common mistakes are made. You will learn how to fix them through our troubleshooting section, gaining confidence in using your tools effectively by doing easy activities and fun projects.

You will create projects that will inspire you to start experimenting yourself in no time at all.

You will learn which materials to get as well as some of the optional tools you can collect to make some fun effects. We also touch on how to keep costs low and quality high.

After being introduced to materials, you will be guided through how to paint a smooth wash and a variety of other mark making techniques. After the comprehensive introduction you will be guided through progressively more complex projects.

Each project builds on skills you were introduced to earlier and no steps are cut out.

Some of the later projects are a little larger and more complex, but include guidance about how to build up your skills until you are more comfortable with tackling a larger subject.

Although drawing is a great skill for any art form you do not need to know how to draw to gain confidence in this course

You will get to:

  • solidify fundamentals of watercolour painting

  • understand how to master the interaction between water, pigment on paper

  • learn how to fix issues including blooms (blossoms) and drips

  • learn how to use brushes and other tools to create various washes, edges and marks

  • practice and learn various techniques that will give you the necessary tools to help you become a confident watercolour artist

  • to learn how to make a bookmark and lovely little greeting cards

  • how to use photo references to create paintings

  • learn about colour theory and properties of various watercolour pigments

  • create varied projects and paintings that can be tailored to your own unique style

  • learn about fun materials to create lovely effects

  • and much much more …

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  • English captions/subtitles. Auto-generated French, Spanish, Hindi and Turkish captions/subtitles

I am with you every step of the way. You can message me any time you have questions or just don’t know how to proceed. And I would love to see your paintings and projects that you make as you paint along with me.

So let's splash some paint around, have some fun and get those brushes wet!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Painting with watercolors is easier than commonly believed
  2. You will gain confidence with watercolours through step by step instruction
  3. You will have fun exploring how to apply paint to the paper in many creative ways, with many different brush types and other materials as well
  4. You will learn different techniques such as “wet on wet” and dry-brushing
  5. You will learn which supplies are the “must haves” and how to choose yours from a variety of options
  6. How to achieve brilliant rich colours through layering techniques
  7. How to make the most of the transparent quality of watercolour paint
  8. Complete 4 projects, 5 activities and 8 assignments and as well as numerous hands on demonstrations
  9. You will begin making small projects such as a bookmark and a greeting card and gradually work on larger and more complex projects as they gain confidence.
  10. In the “Trouble-Shooting” section, you will learn how to fix common watercolour mistakes including blooms & drips
  11. English, French & Spanish Captions/Subtitles. Hindi Captions/Subtitles coming soon
  12. You will learn techniques to help preserve the white of the paper
  13. How to paint crisp edges and how to soften edges
  14. You will learn about primary, secondary and tertiary colours and how the colour wheel works
  15. How to clean and care for your equipment
  16. How to take an idea for a painting from inspiration through to completion
  17. Learn to do ink and wash paintings
  18. You will increase your art vocabulary through the use of art terms
  19. Those who do not enjoy drawing can still have fun with painting
  20. Students learn the meaning of “archival” and how to help their projects to last
  21. Learn about “plein air” painting and will be shown supplies ideal for this painting method
  22. How to stretch paper and rip paper to size
  23. You will be given health and safety cautions
  24. The most important thing is to have FUN! You will get to relax, splash some paint around, experiment to learn which colour combinations you like and see how many different ways you can make marks