What is Theatre? The Introduction to Theater Basics You Need

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Course Description

Course Overview:

So what the heck is theatre, anyway? This is a fun and practical course designed to answer just that!

This class will give you the general knowledge that you need to be able to better understand and appreciate theatre when you see it, as well as to intelligently discuss it with others.

Major theatrical elements, concepts, and methods of dramatic criticism will be covered to help you improve your appreciation of and/or ability to create theatre.

Review quizzes over major concepts are provided all along the way to ensure your comprehension of big ideas, as is a theatre criticism application project designed to help you build your confidence in your ability to successfully analyze and enjoy theatre in all its forms.

The Course Includes:

  • 39 video lectures organized into 5 easy to understand lessons/subject areas

    • Each lesson is broken down into multiple video lectures that include:

      • An important general theatre term that you should know

      • A series lectures covering an area of course content

  • 6 online review quizzes covering each section of the course

    • Quizzes are designed to reinforce the major concepts discussed in the class

  • 62 graphics, notes, assignments, or outside resources to further your knowledge base

    • Supplemental materials are provided for every lesson

  • A practical application project to practice theatre criticism

  • Over 2 hours of video lessons

Course Goals:

Through taking this course, you will increase your understanding of theatre as you:

  • become familiar with the five basic elements of theatre

  • differentiate between analysis of a script vs. a production

  • examine the parts of a play and how to determine a play's style

  • recognize the different types of stage arrangements and the 9 basic stage areas

  • master the 25 most important theatre terms that EVERYONE should know

Expected Outcomes

  1. What theatre IS exactly and what separates it from other art forms.
  2. The critical theatre concepts/terminology that EVERYONE needs to know!
  3. How to intelligently evaluate the quality of a theatrical production.
  4. The different types of theatre spaces and how to use each.
  5. The multiple functions that theatre can perform.
  6. How to better understand and appreciate theatrical productions in various styles.