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**NOTE:  This course is designed for those making the move in to their first or second company, in a non-technical role**

Thinking about applying to a technology company but unsure of what you will have to do once you get an interview?

Got an interview at a great technology company and want to learn more about the process involved?

This quick (40 minute) course takes you step by step through the processes that technology companies, including the FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) set of companies, put their interview candidates through.  This will help you to be more prepared by knowing what they do, practicing your technique and being ready on the day!

You can supplement your learnings from this course by registering for the group sessions that I hold to help candidates like YOU be in the best possible position for your big day(s). 

These sessions, held monthly starting January 2021, can be booked on my company site – The Process Refiners 

I’m releasing another course, in Jan 2021, with over 80 more example interview questions and answers for Behavioural, Competency, Case Studies & General, that have been known to have been asked during interviews at the major tech companies.

Good luck!

Expected Outcomes

  1. The Experience of Interviewing at Large Technology Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft
  2. Why It’s Important to Perfect Your Technique
  3. How Many Rounds you’re Likely To Go Through
  4. Whom The Interviewers Are
  5. Dress Code
  6. The Types Of Interviews (Behavioural / Competency / Case Studies)
  7. The Interview Stages (Phone Screen / On-Sites / Salary Negotiations)
  8. Example Interview Questions and Answer