Windows 8 For Dummies Video Training

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Course Description

With this video, Andy Rathbone, best-selling author of Windows 8 For Dummies, shows you step by step how to use every new feature of Windows 8. Tackle the all-new Start screen, use the Charms bar, organize and launch apps, and then connect to the Internet, manage the Windows Mail app, and add your social media accounts. Toss in networking, security, and how to manage photos, video, and music, and you have the ultimate show-and-tell!

Windows 8 Training: Windows 8 for Dummies -Discover how to:

• Launch apps from the Start screen

• Locate and use the desktop

• Customize Windows security

• Use the newest Internet Explorer

• Set up a home network

• Play music and videos

Take this Windows 8 Training: Windows 8 for Dummies course now and learn basics of Windows 8.


Expected Outcomes

  1. This course will allow the user to get started with the new Windows 8 software
  2. Allow the user to identify which version of Windows 8 they are using
  3. Navigate the Start Screen, access Charm Bar and organize your Apps
  4. Assist with Changing the Desk Top, Browse PC Files and working with Flash Drives and using Microsoft Skydrive
  5. Integrating your online social media accounts and setting up Family Safety
  6. Customizing and Modifying Windows 8 for accessibility
  7. Setting up a Small Network, home group and sharing a printer
  8. Managing photos, music and video
  9. How to effectively use Help