Wing Chun Biu Jee (Biu Ji ) Third Form

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Course Description

I learnt Wing Chun from Ip Man's Eldest Son - Ip Chun for 7 years. Few disciples have such rare experience !

The Dragon Sifu Bui Jee course is the complete advanced in the Dragon Sifu Wing Chun system. This is the first thorough professional multi-angle shooting each section over 100 EASY TO UNDERSTAND training formula GUARANTEED to teach you everything you need to Master the advanced level of this exciting Close Fighting Art.

The course begins with the absolute basics. This basic level training helps you develop core skills and the discipline required to use Wing Chun. Here you learn the basic hand Kap Jang and leg Huen Ma techniques. Learning to position and move your body correctly so you can effectively apply the movements in combat. Once you have the basic skills. The next element of your training will be to develop your sensitivity and flow of your movement with the Energy Drills.

The user-friendly style of this production makes Dragon Sifu your real life personal trainer! I am with you throughout each moment, every rep, every stance and exercise helping you to complete each task. Not all Wing Chun is created equal! This modern realistic approach to training provided in HD, brings you the secrets of the ancient art of Wing Chun. This is your interactive step-by-step course, provided by Dragon Sifu , making it easy for anyone, anywhere and anytime to learn Wing Chun.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Wing Chun Third Form & Application Biu Ji Section 1 to 3
  2. Instinctive responses
  3. Become combat ready
  4. Chi Sao training
  5. Biu Jee Huen Ma
  6. Biu Jee Kap Jang
  7. Conditioning your boby into a weapon
  8. Close attack
  9. Elbow attack
  10. Train your natural rections to increase your response to danger
  11. Ready to fight
  12. Learn to protect yourself and your family
  13. Flexible boby
  14. Increase rapid response
  15. Self-denfense
  16. Ip Man lineage
  17. Ip Man Wing Chun
  18. Ip Chun Biu Ji
  19. Relax your shoulders and prepare to attack
  20. Wing Chun flexible footwork