Writing columns that editors can't resist

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Course Description

Always been jealous of the ease with which professional columnists (seem to) write their texts? It's far from easy: putting some trivial issue into such words that the text will really entertain the reader or exactly touch the sore spot (ouch!).

You don't have ample space: a few hundred words at max. In a good column, every phrase, every word, yes, even every comma is just in the right place.

Writing columns is a craft. And therefore... you definitely CAN learn how to do it!

In this special course, I will tell you all I know about writing columns. I will show you my approach, my way of working. I will give you insights in my own writing process plus sufficient starting points and clues in order to get started yourself. But even more important: with my methods and working approach, you will know how to differentiate yourself from your competitors!

All my knowledge of column writing, based on over fifteen years' experience, compressed into one great course!

Expected Outcomes

  1. The ability to write professional columns that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd of competitor columnists.