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What people are saying about this writing course:

“Unlike most online courses, Dave has been and done what he preaches. He uses his experience as a journalist and writer to help you become a better writer.” — Brandon Skerritt, founder and Udemy student

“Good, practical advice you can implement immediately.” — Kristen, Udemy student

“Dave provides some excellent advice and resources to help writers earn more from what they love doing,” — Erica, freelance writer and Udemy student

“I would have paid more for it.” — CJ, experienced writer and Udemy student

“It’s funny, but it felt like you were reading my mind! This is a solid, solid course. No fluff. No repetition. Tons of practical instructions and examples.” — Matt Medium writer and Udemy student

“The content is very well presented, in a professional manner and the sound is excellent.” — Ovidiu, software developer and Udemy student

“What’s taught about communication and behavioral psychology is transferable to my domain.”– Ken, seminarian and Udemy student

“Original, organized, and encouraging.” — Janan, professional counsellor and Udemy student

“Incredible! So pumped!” — Jason, best selling author and Udemy student

The age of the starving artist is over. Learn the skills, strategies, tactics, and tools to become a professional writer and earn good money, including:

  • How to find your voice

  • How to get published in major publications

  • How to interview smart people

  • How to write an outstanding blog post

  • How viral articles go viral

  • How to write captivating headlines

  • How to write an effective case study

  • How to create a white paper

  • How to easily self-publish your own book

  • How to get into your creative flow

  • How to charge high rates for your work

The takeaways go on.

But first, here’s my story. 

I hated writing in school. Abhorred it.

I wasn’t any good at it. Not at all.

That was over six years ago.


  • I have over 15k followers on Medium and I’m a top writer in Entrepreneurship, Ideas, Startups, and Creativity. 

  • I’m a columnist for Inc. Magazine where I interview people like Shark Tank’s billionaire Daymond John, NPR’s host of How I Built This Guy Raz, and top CEOs of huge national companies like Jersey Mike’s Subs and Orange Theory.

  • I started a top publication on Medium and have grown it to over 87,000 followers, gaining 125 new followers a day. I wrote the 7th most popular story on Medium in 2015. Michael Hyatt, Chairman and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers commented personally on my article.

  • My writing has been published in Chase News, Thought Catalog, CNBC, Business Insider, Quartz, Axios, Smashing Magazine, The Next Web, Forbes, and more.

  • I wrote a 386-page novel (the size of The Hobbit) and self-published it on Amazon.

In this course, I want to share with you everything I’ve learned so that you can become a well-paid, reputable writer with the ability to attract thousands of followers.

My videos are vulnerable and transparent. As we spend time together, I’ll open up about my journey from the very beginning.

Here’s the truth: Anyone can write online and start a blog, but not everyone can make money as a writer. A lot of courses will teach you how to blog but they leave out the crucial entrepreneurial aspects of becoming a successful writer. I want to share with you how I generate revenue with rates at $1/word, $500/article, and $100/hour.

I want to give you my formulas for viral articles, tools for saving time, tips for getting wide exposure, and strategies for building a passionate following online. But you’ll need to be open to unlearning (almost) everything you’ve learned about writing in school. 

Instead, you’ll learn practical skills including how to pitch your work to major publications, how to create science-backed case studies that clients pay for, how to write an ebook, how to easily self-publish a physical book.

We’ll also dispel myths about how to find your writing voice and how to get into your creative flow so you can produce your best work. You’ll learn my formulas for how to write outstanding blog posts, how to craft captivating headlines, and how to “launch” your work.

Finally, the deepest outcomes you’ll come away with after you’ve completed this course are:

  1. A strong confidence in yourself as a professional writer. It took me years to feel confident as a writer. And while there are no shortcuts to true success, this course will give you a framework to develop your personal confidence in your writing ability — the kind of confidence that empowers you to persist through seasons of self-doubt, sharp criticism, and financial troughs.

  2. A rare and lucrative writing expertise. Not everyone can stand out from the crowd, but you’ll learn how experts elevate their personal brands, attract swathes of readers, and build a generous income.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning and ambitious bloggers who want to take their writing to the next level

  • Writers who aren’t making money online but want to

  • Small business owners whose blog isn’t getting any traffic

  • Marketers who want their brands to get serious PR exposure

  • Writers who want to specialize in marketable content creation skills and work from anywhere

Expected Outcomes

  1. Get placements in major publications
  2. Write outstanding articles and engaging content
  3. Develop a platform and a substantial following
  4. Find opportunities to get paid for your writing skills
  5. Build a writing portfolio that wins work
  6. Write science-backed case studies that sell
  7. Easily self-publish your book in print
  8. Enter a creative flow
  9. Stay organized with strong habits