Writing Skills For Coaches

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Course Description

Would you like to standout as a coach, so that your content does your marketing and PR for you? Does the idea of building a coaching practice with writing at its heart appeal to you? And would you like formats and practical exercises to link your coaching and your writing?

Most of us who are drawn to coaching love helping others - but we may not be so comfortable when it comes to promoting ourselves. Strong writing can get you noticed, create evidence of your credibility and authority and build evergreen testimony as to the value you offer others. Without you needing to be 'pushy', writing can make the support you offer seem relevant and useful.

This highly practical course will help you clarify your values-based coaching offer, and who your clients are, using client avatars. You'll get to scope out how your coaching business can develop and the part writing can play in its growth. Using formats and fun exercises, you'll get to experiment with different approaches to copy writing, blog writing, book planning, social media posts, articles and about me content. You'll get 1-2-1 feedback to help you make practical and useful progress in your coaching business.

Expected Outcomes

  1. By the end of this course you’ll have :
  2. A coaching offer based on your most important values
  3. A coaching business plan with writing at its heart
  4. A coaching signature which will help your writing voice
  5. 5 different copywriting formats for video, podcasts and web copy
  6. Client avatars to shape your editorial baseline – and a results letter to your clients
  7. A collage of you to line up your writing and your publicity
  8. About you content, blog posts and a book plan based on your coaching signature