Yoga philosophy - Complete yoga teacher knowledge

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Course Description

In this course we talk about everything from living life according to nature, the principles of yoga, the seven stages of awareness, controlling the mind, meditation and much more up to talking about karma, reincarnation and past lifes.

All of this is presented by our wonderful philosophy teacher, Yogi and psychologist Dilara who teaches the western students in our Ashram.

This course is for everyone who is searching for meaning and purpose as well as students who'd like to deepen their knowledge on the philosophy behind the Yoga tradition.

You will learn everything that we teach our aspiring yoga teachers in our yoga teacher training here in India.

You therefore gain the knowledge that eastern yoga teachers have (and western teachers shouldn't miss).

This course is beginners friendly.


Read our students reviews:

"This is an amazing course very well structured and waw my students loved the knowledge that I can share myself with them. I've learned more here then in my yoga teacher trainings. Namaste forever grateful." (Arina Maria)

"Really great course. I have learned so much. Authentic teacher and authentic teachings" (Hannah)

"Valuable Information, Clear explanations, Engaging delivery, Helpful practice activities, Accurate course description, Knowledgeable instructor"

Expected Outcomes

  1. Students will gain the complete knowledge of vedic philosophy that our yoga teachers get in our ashram in india
  2. You will learn everything about what yoga is, what the vedas are, mythology, and how to use this knowledge to find peace, a purpose and happiness in your daily life
  3. Learn about the 4 stages of life according to nature
  4. The 7 stages of awareness
  5. The 4 paths of yoga
  6. Ashram life
  7. Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga
  8. The Three Bodies
  9. The Astral Body, and whether mediums and ghosts exist
  10. Karma Yoga
  11. The Three Gunas
  12. Reincarnation and much more...
  13. You will also learn Goal Setting and creating a vision for your future in a satsang lecture