► YOU CAN! Get rid of your FEAR of authority with Hypnosis

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Course Description

Part of Matt Barnett's YOU CAN! series of Self hypnosis Programs. This 'Get rid of Fear of Authority' program of Hypnosis or Self Hypnosis is a system of relaxation and directed thought and attention that when in a state of Hypnosis allows you to communicate with the unconscious mind so that you can

  • Change your behaviour at the unconscious level and take control of your Fear of Authority
  • Take control of your thinking - so that you can take control of your results
  • Finally get rid of that fear of authority that as been holding you back with Hypnosis
  • Feel confident when in the presence of Authority figures by using self hypnosis
  • See yourself as an equal so you can communicate more effectively
  • Use Hypnosis Begin to feel calm and balanced in your life
  • Learn how to easily use Hypnosis to go into a relaxed and empowered state.

This course takes under 2 hours to complete and the result may very well help you to change your life forever.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Connect to their unconscious mind to communicate positive changes