You don't have to be lonely - Guide to making friends ABROAD

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Course Description

If you are living or studying abroad now as a foreigner, do you....

  • Wish you can have more friends, especially the local one so you feel more integrated?

  • Find it hard to build your social circle because you do not speak the local language and cannot understand the culture much?

  • Find it frustrating that even when you tried so hard to keep meeting new people, there is just no connection or it is not long lasting?

We totally understand that being a foreigner is not easy sometimes and no one wants to be lonely. If you are an introvert, maybe you find it even a bit hopeless in the current situation.

We are Isaac (Hong Kong) and Curtin (USA). We both have a very similar journey; Isaac moved from Hong Kong to Germany while Curtin moved to China some years ago. We both barely knew anyone and speak no word of the local language. Despite the challenge, we both find our way to make it successful.

In this course you will learn the best strategies from my overseas experience in meeting local friends. These strategies have been proven and worked well in both China and Germany. After all, German and Chinese are both considered as one of the most difficult language in the World and yet we manage to make lots of friends during our stay. Our tips are from all perspectives and angles, it does not matter where you come from, whether you are an introvert or extrovert.

Living abroad is supposed to be one of the happiest moment in our life and so we do not want to see you being alone. There is always a way! You do not have to be lonely.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are living / studying abroad and would like to expand their social circle
  • International students / expats who want to build deeper and stronger connection with the local
  • People struggling to make friends no matter how hard they have tried
  • People who have difficulties in integrating in a foreign country
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to connect with people from different background and culture

Course content

5 sections • 31 lectures • 1h 45m total length
  • [Isaac Story part 1] I was born as an welcome kid that no one likes
  • [Isaac Story part 2] - I speak English, but I cannot communicate
  • [Curtin Story part 1] A jobless American moving to China with no plan at all
  • [Curtin Story Part 2] Practicing Chinese in the toilet