You Shall Pass That Bear of a Math Class

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Course Description

My goal is to save you time. Incalculable amounts of valuable time that could be spent learning and doing things you actually enjoy. Simple as that.

How many times have numbers made you uncomfortable? Reflect on how many times your learning progress stopped in its tracks because your head was spinning after seeing a calculation you didn't understand. Or how many times people were talking in numbers that made absolutely no sense to you. By the time you finish calming your worry and anxiety about math, you could have already learned basic algebra skills in this fun, self-paced course with the simplest approach on Earth to acquire algebra skills FAST. I promise it won't hurt. Not even a little bit.

I developed this class because it saves me time as a teacher. I love teaching science classes, which often involve some element of math and algebra. Unfortunately, a lack of basic algebra skills has detracted from learning in more than one of my classrooms. I hear this is a rather common occurrence. Instead of exhausting myself teaching math one-on-one, I produced this self-paced, flexible schedule algebra class so learners can get up to speed, and I can continue teaching the science courses that I enjoy more than teaching math.

This self-paced algebra course will teach you all the algebra skills you will really need outside of an actual math class. After all, what's the point of learning math that will only ever be used in a math class? The approach of this course is to learn algebra by watching, writing, and learning the patterns of math. That's all that math is: it's just a pattern. This course is designed for learning algebra, passing an algebra course, studying for standardized exams like the SAT/ACT, or passing that mandatory college science that involves math you are "supposed to know by now.". I'll provide you with motivation, examples you can relate to, and even some humor along the way.

There are 9 follow-along problem sets that I will walk you through in a series of video lessons typically lasting under ten minutes each. You'll get the pdf files of my problem sets, so that you don't need to waste time copying problems. Just follow me and learn at your own pace, using the pause, fast forward, and rewind buttons as necessary. The module topics are listed below.

Problem Set 1: Numbers: order of operations

Problem Set 2: Numbers: distributing & exponents/powers

Problem Set 3: Numbers: scientific notation, absolute value, square roots

Problem Set 4: Numbers: fractions made easy

Problem Set 5: Using variable x: solving your first equation

Problem Set 6: Using variable x: factoring perfect squares

Problem Set 7: Using variable x: factoring polynomial expressions

Problem Set 8: Using variable x: factoring polynomial equations

Problem Set 9: Using variable x: the quadratic formula

Expected Outcomes

  1. Pass an algebra class, prepare for the SAT/ACT, and succeed in science courses. Plus learn math actually used in the real world (not just in a pointless math class).