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I am an affiliate marketer and 80% of my monthly $13000 comes from Youtube. In this video, I have revealed my method for ranking YouTube videos aimed at promoting affiliate products which are how I make money online.

Youtube SEO can be frustrating especially in 2020 as a lot of people turn to youtube as their preferred source of making money online hence making the competition stiffer than it used to be. In this video, I have taken my time to explain in a very crystal clear manner some youtube SEO tips that can be used to easily get more views on youtube and rank youtube videos easily.

This video is aimed at helping you grow your youtube channel in 2020 as it is borne out of my personal experience as I have ranked so many youtube videos which include (but not limited to) keywords like

Fiverr gig ideas

How to create a Payoneer account

How to make money online in Nigeria

I started this video by looking at the various indices utilized by the algorithm to understand and rank videos which include

1.  Youtube Keyword Research

2.  Thumbnails (Design, Message, different)

3.  Why make longer or shorter videos

4.  What works for others will work for you

5.  How to write your description

6.  Video Retention

7.  Youtube Tags

8.  Engagements (Likes, Comments, Shares)

9.  Click-Through Rate (CTR)

10. Youtube Listens (Mention Keyword in your video)

11. Naming Your thumbnails

12. Naming your video before upload

13. Choosing Your Title

14. How I create my thumbnails

My aim is was to make this video the very best video that will help as many people as possible rank youtube videos on the first page for their chosen keyword.

Lots of so-called youtube SEO experts do teach people a lot of approaches that yield no result because it does not work for those who are trying to rank videos with SEO in 2020 which was why I made this detailed video guide to help you blow up your channel and make your dream of becoming a good YouTuber a reality.

I hope you get some real value from this video guys. Thank you

Expected Outcomes

  1. Start and Grow on YouTube in no time with many views
  2. Get more engagements on your videos
  3. Rank your affiliate marketing videos and make loads of money online monthly