As the 47 Sqn HR Clk, you are responsible to OC 47 Sqn through the Sqn Chf Clk for assisting in the command and control of all aspects of administration and deployment preparation for 47 Sqn personnel in support of UK Special Forces held at Enhanced High Readiness.Responsibilitiesa. Remaining compliant with all extant JSPs, BPGs, Op Orders and Sy Orders, and ensure passwords and Login IDs are correctly used and protected.

b. Ensuring that all personnel make any pay/allowance/personnel queries to the Sqn Admin Office in the first instance; providing advice or escalating any unresolved matters

c. Maintaining and actioning the JPA Personnel Data Base (PDB) including the Move & Track of personnel on 47 Sqn flying tasks and application of associated allowances

d. The receipt and despatch of official mail in accordance with current regulations.

e. Stock control and management of forms and stationery, submitting and sorting monthly demands.

f. The issue and retention of arrival and clearance procedures, undertaking all the associated tasks generated by the arrival and clearance of personnel.

g. Extract personnel and statistical information as requested.

h. Assist with self-service functions, signposting to BPGs particularly relating to Expenses, as required by sqn personnel.

i. Raise and administer Annual Appraisals for personnel and accurately maintain the associated registers. Forward all complete reports to the Sqn Adj for finalization

j. Maintaining and modifying the Sqn administration database.

k. Ensuring that personnel are correctly prepared for deployments to Out of Area locations, including the preparation of NATO and Qatar Travel Orders.

l. In the absence of HR Clk 2, ensure the timely action and preparation of Sqn AMMs for FT at DCAE Cosford.

m. Assist with main Sqn HQ during periods of absence or increased workload.