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Astra Training Portfolio Administrative Officer

Civil Service

Job Description

a.Maintain the Astra Portfolio financial planning spreadsheet and process payments through CP&F, on behalf of the Portfolio Management (C1).

b.Assist in the Spend Management System (SMS) and Annual Budgetary Cycle (ABC) business case (BC) submission sifts and input BC details into the Astra portfolio tracker.

c.Collate business case submissions and input progression statements provided by SO2 Astra Trg into the sub-portfolio files.

d.Provide information management support to the Astra Trg team and administer the update of the sub-Portfolio tracker and artefacts.

e.Complete administrative arrangements for routine Astra Trg governance sessions including co-ordinating invites, booking facilities and preparing Visual Aids.

f.Complete administrative arrangements for DACOS Trg Strat pillar meetings to include co-ordinating invites, booking facilities and preparing Visual Aids.

g.Manage and maintain administrative and collaborative platforms including the DACOS Trg Strat Sharepoint and the Astra Trg Community MS Team and Defence Connect sites.

h.Liaise with Media Services on the production of graphics and printing requests as required.

i.Act as custodian for DACOS Trg Strat resources including mobile phones and laptops.

j.Support the Authorised Demander in their role for DACOS Trg Strat AOR.

k.Compile and maintain the DACOS Trg Strat org chart, JPAN, HRMS list and contact details.

l.Co-ordinate travel arrangements for DACOS Trg Strat personnel (rail, flights, hotel bookings & vehicle hire includinguding overseas, if required).

m.Co-ordinate F540 reutrn for DACOS Trg Strat AOR.

n.Safeguard and handle classified material iaw JS440, providing first review and, following authorisation, destruction of OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE documents (both hard copy and electronic).

o.Conduct any other relevant collaborative working and administrative tasks in support of the Astra Trg Portfolio pillar.

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