Burnham Lecturer IT/ICT Networking (CISCO CCNP/CCND)

Civil Service

Job Description

The key tasks of the IT/ICT lecturer are:

a. Training Delivery. Deliver technical theory lectures and practical training in compliance with Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT), Burnham Lecturers Management Practices Document (BLMPD) and Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers in Education and Training (PSTTET).

b. Training Delivery. Maintain a safe training environment conducive to learning in compliance with DSAT, BLMPD.

c. Training Delivery. Contribute to the development and maintenance of course subject matter content in accordance with DSAT and PSTTTE.

d. Training Delivery. Maintain own Subject Matter Expertise, undertake Continuous Professional Development as directed, in compliance with MOD Civil Service policy, BLMPD and PSTTTE.

e. Training Quality Assurance. Contribute to maintenance of training quality through Course Review Working Groups and Staff and Trainee feedback in accordance with JSP 822, DSAT.

f. Training Quality Assurance. Maintain Training Delivery Documentation (lesson specification, lesson plans and lesson content including delivery media) in accordance with DSAT process and JSP 822.

g. Training Quality Assurance. Maintain integrity of training documentation, training Methods and Media inclusive of training aides. Ensure control, accountability and safekeeping of sensitive material and equipment used in delivery and assessment of training.

h. Training Quality Assurance. Contribute to training delivery quality assurance audits and Internal Validation in accordance with JSP 822.ResponsibilitiesIn accordance with Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers in Education and Training - Professional standards

Professional Values and Attributes. Develop your own judgment of what works and does not work in your teaching and training.

1. Reflect on what works best in your teaching and learning to meet the diverse needs of learners.

2. Evaluate and challenge your practice, values and beliefs.

3. Inspire, motivate and raise aspirations of learners through your enthusiasm and knowledge.

4. Be creative and innovative in selecting and adapting strategies to help learners to learn.

5. Value and promote social and cultural diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion.

6. Build positive and collaborative relationships with colleagues and learners.

Professional Knowledge and Understanding. Develop deep and critically informed knowledge and understanding in theory and practice.

7. Maintain and update knowledge of your subject and/or vocational area.

8. Maintain and update your knowledge of educational research to develop evidence-based practice.

9. Apply theoretical understanding of effective practice in teaching, learning and assessment drawing on research and other evidence.

10. Evaluate your practice with others and assess its impact on learning.

11. Manage and promote positive learner behaviour.

12. Understand the teaching and professional role and your responsibilities.

Professional Skills. Develop your expertise and skills to ensure the best outcomes for learners.

13. Motivate and inspire learners to promote achievement and develop their skills to enable progression.

14. Plan and deliver effective learning programmes for diverse groups or individuals in a safe and inclusive environment.

15. Promote the benefits of technology and support learners in its use.

16. Address the mathematics and English needs of learners and work creatively to overcome individual barriers to learning.

17. Enable learners to share responsibility for their own learning and assessment, setting goals that stretch and challenge.

18. Apply appropriate and fair methods of assessment and provide constructive and timely feedback to support progression and achievement.

19. Maintain and update your teaching and training expertise and vocational skills through collaboration with employers.

20. Contribute to organisational development and quality improvement through collaboration with others.

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