The Performance and Risk post is responsible for core business processes for Defence Intelligence, a 3* (Lt General) led organisation with over 4500 staff delivering intelligence services and capabilities for Defence and broader National Security objectives. We directly contribute to protect our people, territories, values and interests at home and overseas, to ensure our security, support our national interests and safeguard our prosperity.

The post sits within DI-Resources – which oversees business enabling processes and functions for the organisation, and the Strategy team – which covers the risk, performance, planning and governance components.

The job holder will provide performance and risk management expertise to senior leadership. They will work with teams from across the organisation to gather information on performance against plans and objectives, and the strategic and operational risks faced in meeting them. They will analyse, assess and make recommendations against that evidence, to support DI Seniors in decision-making and provide assurance of good practice to UK Strategic Command and Defence.

They will also perform some secondary secretariat duties to support DI Seniors in their work for various boards and committees, by gathering, summarising and presenting evidence from across the organisation.

The post is Line Managed by a B1, but has frequent opportunity to directly engage with seniors staff, up to 3*.ResponsibilitiesMain Responsibilities are but not limited to:

Lead, manage and develop the organisations performance and risk work across DI.

Maintenance of the organisational level risk register.

Work with colleagues across DI to identify, collect and verify evidence to support their duties.

Analyse and assess the evidence to generate recommendation and reports on business risk and performance.

Coordinate the DI-Resources compliance with the organisations performance and risk management processes

Act as the Secretary for two internal Management Boards

Prepare DI Seniors for attendance at executive meetings and committees.

Support all other reasonable work as directed by DI Res-Dep Hd Strategy.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable managing their priorities and working autonomously. They will be organised and methodical, particularly able to assimilate large amounts of textual information, identify those elements which are most important and be able to communicate that clearly and with precision. They will also be numerate and able to work with, and distinguish between, subjective and objective evidence, have an attention to detail and be able to identify and question anomalies. They will be adept at building collaborative relationships with a wide network of contacts, able to share knowledge and influence behaviours. They will have the confidence to challenge and be challenged in a mutually constructive manner to drive improvements in process and evidence. They will be able to work at pace on several tasks, and under pressure on occasions, writing and briefing accurately and concisely. They will be at ease with standard IT packages for data processing, collaboration, information management and record keeping.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following behaviours in their application and/or at interview. If called for interview candidates will be asked to deliver a 5-minute brief – identifying and explaining a risk, a potential response plan and how performance against delivering that plan may be assessed.