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DNO - Warhead In-Service Support Engineering Manager

Civil Service

Job Description

The Warhead Stockpile Management team has the responsibility to maintain safe, effective and available in-service nuclear warheads in the support of the UK Strategic Deterrent and the maintenance of Continuous At Sea Deterrent (CASD).

Across the team, we rely on engineers to ensure that the MOD is remains an intelligent Customer in all that we do, that equipment delivered is effectively integrated across the Nuclear Enterprise and providing support to critical equipment capabilities to ensure that the Mission is delivered.

As part of the In-Service Support Team, you will be acting as the in-facility co-ordination for the delivery of in-service support to Nuclear Weapon handling operations. This will involve you:

-*assessing issues as they arise and providing sound, timely guidance and recommendations to the SEO team lead

-*assist the team lead the overall delivery of the nuclear weapon test and measurement equipment

Many technical disciplines are represented in the deterrent programme, so it is likely that your background is relevant, from chemistry and physics to systems engineering and configuration management. No nuclear knowledge is necessary, but we are looking for engineers with experience of delivery who are comfortable leading small teams and having line management responsibilities.

As one of the highest Defence priorities, we work alongside Civil Service, military, industry, and academic stakeholders at all levels of seniority, providing potential for excellent exposure and experience.

This post will assist in the through-life management of support equipment approved use at RNAD Coulport.

The role is predominantly focussed on support to nuclear weapon test and measurement equipment and will assist in the delivery of the following primary tasks:

*Management of the introduction of equipment modifications to mitigate safety issues and obsolescence.

-Conduct risk management for equipment under their responsibility to enable effective prioritisation by senior management to minimise equipment failure risk to CASD.

-Manage the integration of equipment with Life Cycle Phase 3 (manage provision of technical information, co-ordinate run-throughs, co-ordinate updates to interface documentation)

-Conduct quality checks of AWE outputs as part of the gated technical development process.

-Provide technical information to Support Approvals cases.

*Engagement with US/UK Design Authorities to ensure US/UK interface compatibility is maintained.

-Review US Compatibility requirements and determine the best way of demonstrating compliance.

- Participate in US/UK Technical review meetings as required.

*Provision of engineering advice on interoperability, through-life supportability and integration to the Nuclear Weapon Approving Authority to enable SSE modifications to be implemented effectively.

*The incumbent is responsible for seeking resolution to emergent issues (which are used to resolve technical issues) through the Design Authority. This aspect of the role requires the incumbent to act as the Coulport representative for the Unsatisfactory Report Board and action responses in a timely manner to ensure that delays to Warhead processing and SSBN operations at RNAD(C) are kept to a minimum, including the provision of out of hours support (shared evenly throughout the team).

The role will support the following secondary tasks:

*Assist in the maintenance of Electronic Unsatisfactory Report System (EURS)

*Assist in addressing emergent LCP3 Weapon Processing engineering issues.

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